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Brew Guide: Espresso

Espresso was invented as a way to make coffee “expressly”, as people were in a hurry and didn’t have time to wait 10 minutes to brew their morning pot of coffee. However, over the years, espresso has become more about the taste then the speed. The rich, strong flavor is something that coffee drinkers around the world look forward to every morning.

Espresso is quite tricky, and can be done in around 4 minutes.


Espresso Machine




Grind your coffee on a fine grind – #1 on an industrial grinder. For a double shot, you’ll want 15 grams of coffee, which is equal to a smidge less than 2 tablespoons


Espresso Espresso


Put the grounds into the portafilter so it forms a little mound on the top. Grab your tamper and press down firmly. Remove the tamper and use the handle to give the side of the filter a quick tap to remove excess grounds, then press again. Give it a quick twist before you remove it so the top is nice and smooth.


Espresso EspressoEspresso


Insert the portafilter into the machine, making sure that it’s fully locked into it’s proper position. Place shot glasses or a mug below to catch the shot. Press the button and watch as the shot begins to pour. The best shots take anywhere between 25-33 seconds from pushing the button to finish.




If your shots are running too slow, try easing up on the tamping pressure. If they are too long, try tamping harder. If this doesn’t solve your problem, try adding slightly less grounds to the portafilter for a faster pour and adding slightly more for a longer pour.


 Espresso Espresso


Once you’ve pulled your shot, make sure you properly care for your machine and equipment. Carefully take the portafilter out, remove the used grounds, and give it a quick wipe down with a towel. You should also quickly run some water through the group head on your machine to rinse away any grounds that are stuck in the screen. Place the filter back into the machine for storage, and give your shot glasses a quick rinse.




Whether you made a latte, americano, or some other fabulous espresso drink, enjoy sipping the Buzzbox Coffee – you’ve earned it.

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