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“How can I help you today?”


“Ok, and which radio show did you hear us on?”

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“Would you like to try our medium or dark roast”

“And, did you want that coffee — whole bean or ground?”

“Now for your next Buzzbox shipment did you want to try the 2lb, 3lb, or 4lb shipment?”

“Ok would you like me to send you the medium roast or dark roast in your next shipment as well?”

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“Ok now I just have this last piece of information I have to read to you that just explains how the offer works. Your free pound will ship within the next 48 hours direct to your door for just the cost of the shipping and handling at $8.95. There are no cancellation fees, no membership fees, and no hassles when joining Buzzbox Coffee. Thank you for choosing to make a difference with your daily cup of coffee.”

“Ok. I have you all set up. You should be seeing that free pound of coffee in the next couple of days. I know you’re going to love this coffee.”


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“Ok, and which radio show did you hear us on?”

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“I’m very sorry. We’re experiencing a high volume of calls. Unfortunately, I do not have access to your account, but rest assured one of our Customer Care Experts will call you back as soon as possible.”

Coffee Questions – FAQ General:

Coffee Questions – Promotions:

Coffee Questions – BuzzBox Subscription:

    Coffee Questions – General:

    What FREE Coffee Do You Carry?

    For our FREE pound promotion, we offer our Papua New Guinea medium roast or our Brazil Dark Roast. Once you are on your club shipments you can choose from any of our coffees, which are listed here in our online shop.

    Can I Brew Your Coffee in My Keurig (K-Cup) Machine?

    Yes. Just use a reusable K-Cup like the Solofill, which we carry. You not only reduce waste (K-Cups are not recyclable), but you also save yourself a pretty penny on the Keurig cost per cup. The average cost of a K-Cup is 70 cents a cup. The average Keurig cost per cup with a Solofill is around 35 cents a cup. Please keep in mind, however, that that the Solofill is not compatible with the Keurig 2.0 unit. Give our Customer Care department a call to add a Solofill to your next club shipment!

    Which Coffee is Least Acidic?

    All of our coffee is 100% shade grown, which makes all of our coffee very, very low in acidity right from the start. For a good “evening” cup of coffee that has an extremely low amount of acidity, try our Sumatra coffee (Medium and Dark) or our Peru coffee (Light and Dark).

    Which Coffee Has the Most Caffeine?

    Caffeine is reduced as coffee is roasted longer, so a dark roast has less caffeine than a light roast. Just keep in mind this principle: More caffeine does NOT mean more energy. Fortunately, purchasing coffee from the Top 1% allows you to enjoy much more coffee without harming your body with too much caffeine.

    Which Coffee Has the Least Caffeine?

    All of the coffee is 100% Arabica and grown at very high elevations, which often means that those who normally drink decaf or half-caff can drink our regular coffees. Of course we always have Decaf and Half-caff available for those who are extra sensitive. We only use the Swiss Water Process method. We believe Swiss Water Process is the safe decaf coffee.

    What Coffees Do You Carry?

    For our full lineup of coffees, click here!

    What Roasts do You Carry and What is the Difference?

    We carry Light Roasted, Medium Roasted, and Dark Roasted Coffees. The primary difference is a balance between tasting the natural coffee flavor (light roast) and tasting the roast (dark roast). Everyone has a preference and we make sure to have a coffee for each preference. We do not over roast any of our coffee.

    What are the Roaster’s Reserve Coffees and Why are They Special?

    Our Limited “Roaster’s Reserves” are not available at all times and when available, can sell out quickly. Typically, due to the quality of the coffee and the rarity of that specific bean, we are only able to bring in a certain amount and cannot guarantee we will always have it in stock. Roaster’s Reserve is our most expensive coffee.

    Which Coffee is Best for Drip?

    All of the single origins are equal. Just depends on your tastes. They each have their own flavor profile. Many people prefer our Papua New Guinea coffee (Light or Medium) or even our Peru Coffee (Light or Dark) in their auto-drip machines. We recommend joining our Coffee Lover’s Club and going on “tour” to try all of our different beans and roasts ~ delivered right to your door.

    Which Coffee is Best for French Press?

    All of the single origins are equal. Just depends on your tastes. They each have their own flavor profile. Our Master Roaster prefers to French Press our Guatemala bean (both Light Roast and Medium Roast) as well as our Limited Reserve Ethiopian coffee (subject to availability).

    What is in Varietal Supremo?

    This is a Buzzbox Coffee secret. We can’t detail which regions are contained in Varietal Supremo, because many have tried to replicate this exceptional coffee bean espresso blend. It’s our only blend and it’s a secret blend! But you can rest assured that we only use 100% Arabica beans. No robusta, ever.

    How is it less Acidic?

    Because 100% of our coffees are shade-grown. Why shade Grown coffee? When coffee grows as nature intended, in the shade, it grows much slower and develops much lower concentrations of caffeine and acidity. In fact, shade grown coffee contains half the caffeine content of conventionally grown coffee.

    What is single-origin coffee?

    Single Origin coffee is coffee from only one country or region. This gives you the true taste of place. It is one guarantee of no filler robusta beans.

    What is Swiss Water decaf?

    Swiss Water is a process to remove caffeine from coffee. Simply, this process boils the green beans before they’re roasted. This technique effectively removes 99.9% of the caffeine from the beans with nothing but water. Water processed is the only organic way to decaffeinate coffee. Water process is the safe decaf coffee.

    What kind of grind do I need?

    Well, what kind of coffee maker do you have? Let us know and we’ll grind your coffee for you. Of course ground coffee beans lose their flavor almost immediately. So, for best tasting coffee make sure to grind right before brewing. Basically, decide do you want to give up some coffee flavor for the convenience of pre ground coffee beans.

    What does Papua New Guinea coffee taste like?

    Distinct chocolaty tones with a crisp clean finish.

    What does Sumatra coffee taste like?

    Rich and complex fruit tones. Nutty, sweet and full bodied.

    What does Honduras coffee taste like?

    Smooth molasses tones with a hint of spice.

    What does Guatemala coffee taste like?

    Tangy citrus undertone. A distinct, delicious coffee.

    What does Brazil coffee taste like?

    Caramel tones, rounded nutty undertones with a hint of spice.

    What does Peru coffee taste like?

    Sweet fruity tones with a light, easy-drinking body.

    What does Ethiopia coffee taste like?

    Nuances of fruit: clean, sweet, densely rich blueberry, wine, flowers, spice. Bright and spirited yet deeply resonant; balanced, complete coffee.

    Which Coffee Beans for Espresso are Best ? (aka What is Varietal Supremo?)

    While we are a “single origin” coffee roaster, in order to have a truly great espresso, a blend of the best coffee in the world is required. Our Varietal Supremo, is this perfect blend specifically constructed for your Espresso machine. We keep the blend of beans secret because many have tried to replicate this exceptional espresso blend.

    Do you Carry Hawaiian or Kona Coffee?

    Hawaiian coffee can be called “Kona” or “Hawaiian” with 10% or more Hawaiian beans. Many times a “Kona” coffee contains very little actual Kona beans. Couple that with rarity in both organic and shade-grown beans and it has made it impossible for us to source it – for now.

    Do you carry Jamaican blue mountain?

    Sort of. The coffee farm we buy from in Papua New Guinea only grows coffee trees transplanted from the Blue Mountain region and the PNG soil gives it a much better flavor! Jamaican Blue Mountain is over-priced thanks to great marketing. The fact of the matter is that we only carry the best coffee in the world and our Papua New Guinea coffee is no exception.

    Do You Carry Kopi Lowak “Civet Cat Poop” Coffee?

    Kopi Lowak is another marketing gimmick. Coffee that comes from a cat’s poop does not make for an exceptional cup of coffee. And, more importantly, widespread animal abuse is involved in the production of Kopi Lowak.  The producers of Kopi Lowak often force the civet cats to live in tiny cages and force feed them coffee beans. We believe in only roasting ethical coffee. If it does harm then it certainly isn’t ethical coffee.

    Coffee Questions – Promotions:

    Why do you need a credit card number for my free pound?

    This is to pay for the $8.95 shipping charge, and to set up your Coffee Lover’s Club account.

    Coffee Questions – Coffee Lover’s Box:

    How Does Billing Work?

    The Coffee Lover’s Box is NOT a monthly club. You set your schedule anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks. Because of that, you are only billed when your order ships based on the cycle that YOU choose.

    Coffee Lover’s Box: Can I Change My Coffees Between Shipments?

    Yes. You can choose whichever coffee you would like. Most coffee lovers take our coffee lover’s tour which takes you through the vast array of flavors single-origin coffee has to offer without them having to make a change. Of course if you find a favorite, you can always lock it in to ensure you always get it! Our coffee tour is available in three varieties: Light, Medium, or Dark

    What do you need my email for?

    We are an internet-based business. Email is essential to maintaining contact with you regarding your account, coffee changes, ship dates, etc. We don’t sell your information. Your information is safe with us.

    What do you need my phone number for?

    We have to have a way to contact you in the event there is something wrong with your order. We don’t sell your information. Your information is safe with us.

    Am I going to be billed every month?

    You are only billed when your order ships. The Coffee Lover’s Club is not a monthly club — you receive your shipment on the frequency that YOU set. So, from 2 to 10 weeks — it’s up to you! Also, you will be notified one week before your next shipment so you can make changes, if you need too — there’s no surprises.

    How do I know it’s the freshest money can buy?

    Every bag that leaves the roaster has a roasted on date stamped on the top sealed edge, so you can know exactly when it was roasted. You can tell it’s the top 1% coffee in the world once you take that first sip.