Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buzzbox?

Buzzbox is our subscription program that provides you with the best possible coffee on the frequency you choose. Your commitment to the best coffee enables you to partner with select non-profit partners to make a real difference every time you brew a cup of Buzzbox coffee.

How can you afford to give away a free pound?

Well, we take a hit on this first pound of coffee, but when people try our coffee they always come back for more. It’s that good.

What do you need my phone number/email for?

We have to have a way to contact you in the event there is something wrong with your order. We don’t sell your information. Your information is safe with us.

How is this coffee better than what I’m already drinking?

Every Camano Island Coffee is USDA Certified Organic, 100% Shade-Grown, and Fairly Traded. We roast and ship within hours not weeks. Just take a sip and you’ll see why.

Do you have Decaf?


Can I select Decaf for my free pound?

Not for the free pound, however we offer Papua New Guinea Medium Roast and Brazil Dark Roast to get you started. If you wish to have decaf in your subscription, you can add that to your future Buzzbox shipments.

Do you have Espresso?

Yes, it’s called Varietal Supremo Espresso.

Can I select Espresso for my free pound?

No, however we offer Papua New Guinea Medium Roast and Brazil Dark Roast for free to get you started. If you wish to have espresso in your subscription, you can add that to your future Buzzbox shipments.

Do I have to join a club?

Yes. In order for us to establish generational change and sustainability we need coffee drinkers like you, to support our continuity CSR program. We ask that you choose to give the Buzzbox Program a shot. If it’s not up to your standard then you can absolutely cancel at anytime. There are no cancellation fees. You choose how often the shipment comes to your home. We just want to provide you the opportunity to change lives with your daily coffee.

Why can’t I order without an email address?

Without an email address we have no way of contacting you regarding shipping, billing, or ordering issues. We keep our costs low by using email. Small steps like this help the environment and reduces paper waste.

Why do you need a credit card number?

We ask for a credit card in the free pound checkout process so we can ship your coffee to your door. We also keep your card on file for scheduled shipments so you don’t have to think about ordering coffee.

Am I going to be billed every month?

You are only billed when your order ships. The Buzzbox program is NOT a monthly club — you receive your shipment on the frequency that YOU set. So, from 2 weeks to 10 weeks — it’s up to you! Also, you will be notified one week before your next shipment so you can make changes, if you need too. There are no surprises, and it’s easy.

When will I be billed?

You are only billed when your order ships.

Can I change my coffees between shipments?

Yes. You can choose from the selection of single origin coffees Buzzbox Coffee offers. You are not limited to how many times you change your coffees.

 How do I know it’s the freshest money can buy?

Every bag that leaves the roaster has a roasted on date, so you can know exactly when it was roasted. In most cases your Buzzbox will ship within 48 hours of roasting! Why do we do this? Take a sip and you’ll see why!

How is it less Acidic?

100% of our coffees are shade-grown. When coffee grows as nature intended — in the shade — it grows much slower and develops much lower concentrations of caffeine and acidity.

What is single-origin coffee?

Single Origin coffee is coffee from only one country or region. This gives you the true taste of place. It is one guarantee of no “filler” robusta beans.

What is Water-Processed Decaf?

Water Processed is a process to remove caffeine from coffee. Simply, this process boils the green beans in water before they’re roasted. This technique effectively removes 99.9% of the caffeine from the beans with nothing but water. Water processed is the only organic way to decaffeinate coffee.

I don’t know what kind of grind I need?

You can choose to have your coffee ground as “Medium.” This is what you would find in the grocery store. We also offer coarse (french press) and fine grind (espresso machine). Keep in mind, that choosing whole bean, and grinding the coffee fresh before brewing, gives you the best flavor.

Can I brew your coffee in my Keurig?

Yes. Just use a reusable K-Cup like the Solofill, which we carry. You not only reduce waste (K-Cups are not recyclable), but you also save yourself a pretty penny. The average cost of a K-Cup is 70 cents a cup. The average cost with a Solofill is around 35 cents a cup. If you need a Solofill reusable filter give one of our “Coffee Experts” a call at (855) 438-8671.