Free Pound – Call Center


Call Center Script

1.Thank you for calling The Buzzbox Program. My name is <insert name>. May I have your first name please?

2. OK <Insert first name> which type of roast would you like for your free pound of coffee? Medium or Dark roast?


4. And do you need your free pound whole bean or ground?


5. O.K. Now what is your email address?

<We cannot accept any new customers without an email address.>


6. Now <insert first name here> I want to be clear about how the Rick and Bubba free pound offer works.


7. If we can get 5000 Buzzbox members, then in one year we’ll have enough funds to build water wells for 30,000 people with World Vision all through your purchase of coffee.


8. So, to start your Buzzbox membership, you’ll get a free pound of coffee, today, and you’ll only pay $8.95 for the shipping and handling.


9. Then after you try this coffee — in three weeks you’ll get your next Buzzbox which will contain 2lbs at $35. From there, you can adjust your Buzzbox to arrive as often as you want.


10. Does that make sense?


11. What’s really important is you’re changing a child’s life and the great part is you’re doing it by switching to a better coffee.


12. O.K. I have your coffee all set up. Let me go ahead and get your last name.


13. What is your Mailing address? And, is this the same as your shipping address?


14. And what kind of credit card did you want to place the shipping charges on? And, the number when you’re ready? And the expiration date?


15. Alright I’ve got you all set up here. You should be receiving that coffee in the next 4 or 5 days.


16. Thank you so much for helping us make a difference with your coffee purchase.


17. Thanks again and have a great day; evening; weekend.