Is Decaf Safe?

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Here’s what you need to know…

The Majority of Decaf is Chemically Decaffeinated.


The Decaf Coffee market is comprised of nearly 60% chemical decaffeination. So what, right? Well coffee is chemically decaffeinated by soaking it in the carcinogen, Methylene Chloride. That’s right carcinogenic — in other words — cancer causing. Not safe decaf coffee.

The Horror of Methylene Chloride


To give you a more complete picture of Methylene Chloride, you should know some of its other uses. Methylene Chloride or Dichloromethane as it is also known, is a component in Aerosol Sprays, Paint Strippers and Dry Cleaning solutions. This chemical compound not only causes cancer, but it is also thought to exacerbate respiratory issues.

“Hmmm,” paint stripper, “cough.”

We’ve got the solution: Swiss Water Processed Decaf


Swiss Water Processed coffee is the safe decaf coffee on the market. Instead of soaking the beans in methylene chloride, the guys at Swiss Water just boil the green coffee beans in pure water. Swiss Water’s patented system removes 99.9% of the caffeine, while keeping the maximum amount of flavor.

That’s why we only carry safe decaf coffee that’s decaffeinated by Swiss Water Processing. Unless you want beans soaked in cancer causing chemicals, you should only give yourself Swiss Water Processed decaf.

Want to give our decaf a try?

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