How to Grind Coffee Beans

First, Use the Right Hardware

To get the best cup of coffee you need to use a Burr grinder — preferably a conical burr grinder.

Here’s an example of a good one:
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  • A burr grinder provides the best, most consistent grind for your beans.
  • It does this by using two gears that grind against each other.
  • This grinding method gives the most consistent grind possible.

But, what if you don’t have a Burr Grinder?

blade grinder 300x300 How to Grind Coffee Beans?

Then, you most likely have a “blade” grinder.

Blade grinders don’t grind the beans evenly, and they also have a tendency to scorch them — due to the friction.

But using a blade grinder is better than grinding your coffee and leaving it for 2 months!

So, if you do have a blade grinder, here’s the important rule to keep in mind.

Make sure to keep the grinder upright on the counter. A common mistake is made in twisting and tilting the grinder to “assist” in the grinding process. This actually produces an uneven grind, and may damage your grinder.

Second, Pick the Right Grind

grind setting diagram2 How to Grind Coffee Beans?


For a Burr Grinder Use These Settings:

#1 (Finest) — Turkish

#2 — Fine Espresso

#3 — Standard Espresso

#4 — Cone Filter Drip

#5 — (Middle Grind) — Universal Drip

#6 — Flat/Basket Filter Drip

#7 — Percolator

#8 — Stovetop Percolator

#9 (Coarsest) — French Press

For a Blade Grinder Use These Settings:

20 Seconds (Finest) — Turkish

16 Seconds — Fine Espresso

14 Seconds — Standard Espresso

12 Seconds — Cone Filter Drip

11 Seconds (Middle Grind) — Universal Drip

10 Seconds — Flat/Basket Filter Drip

9 Seconds — Percolator

8 Seconds — Stovetop Percolator

6 Seconds (Coarsest) — French Press

What About K-Cups and Keurig?

rotator sologrind 244x300 How to Grind Coffee Beans?
Just like any other coffee brewing method, grinding just before brewing gives you the very best cup.

That’s why you should only use a reusable K-Cup filter. We recommend the Solofill.

Coming this April Solofill will be launching their SoloGrind grinder.

This bad boy gives you fresh single serve coffee with NO grinder mess

Click the photo below to learn more!

And just or fun!

camano coffee mill 300x300 How to Grind Coffee Beans?

What about hand grinders?

We love this cool hand grinder by Red Rooster Trading Company.

It’s called the “Camano Coffee Mill,” and we think it looks awesome!

It’s a conical burr hand grinder. And this bad boy will help you lose weight. It’s no small task to grind your beans manually.

It takes some real elbow grease!

One, Last Thing…

 How to Grind Coffee Beans?
As mentioned before it’s best to grind your coffee right before your brew.

But how do you store your beans so they will be fresh for grinding?

We’ve got you covered!

Also, learn how NOT to store your coffee like a Polar Bear!