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Are Gangsters Holding Your Keurig Hostage?



“I don’t want your BuzzBox Coffee — I have a Keurig!”


This is what a friend of mine told me recently. I told her, “Great! But, did you know your Keurig is being held hostage by Gangsters?


“Wait! What are you talking about?”


Here’s what I told her. . .

1. Big Coffee’s Gangster Tactics Are Shackling Your Keurig’s Potential.

The Keurig machine is awesome, because it’s convenient. You just pop in your puck and go. But, consider this: a few of the big coffee companies have paid to have the exclusive rights to produce K-Cups.

Why does this matter to you? Well, for one, it severely limits your choice. Second, these coffee companies roast their coffee in big batches, pre-grind the coffee, and then store it for months in prepackaged K-Cups. These K-Cups can be 3 to 12 months old by the time you pop it into your Keurig. Since coffee goes stale after around 10 weeks — and even sooner after grinding — you’re being robbed of the beautiful flavors of freshly roasted coffee.

2. How Do I Beat These Coffee Gangsters?

How do you beat big coffee’s stale cronyism? Make your own K-Cup. Simply purchase freshly roasted coffee, grind it, and place it in your Keurig using the Solofill reusable filter. “Batta-bing-batta-boom” — you’ve got yourself a quick and easy, fresh and flavorful, K-Cup. The Solofill reusable filter also helps to alleviate the environmental burden on local landfills since prepackaged K-Cups aren’t recyclable.

3. Show me the money!

Why let big coffee companies extort you for K-Cup convenience? A stale, prepackaged K-Cup costs around 70 cents a cup. For around 35 cents a cup you can give yourself the top 1% of fresh, micro-roasted coffee. We’re talking USDA Certified Organic, Shade Grown, and Fairly Traded, and it’s still cheaper than that stale K-Cup.

When you consider that most people go through a pound of coffee every 2 weeks, this works out to saving $602 a year* just by using fresh, better-tasting coffee!

For example, here at Buzzbox Coffee, you can buy coffee that is hours young not months old. Buzzbox Coffee roasts and ships within 48 hours. So it’s the freshest coffee you can buy


Freshly roasted coffee is the most important factor in producing the best tasting-cup of coffee. So combine the convenience of your Keurig machine with the fresh taste of locally roasted coffee with Solofill’s reusable filter.


*Based on an average price of 80 cents per K-Cup versus 33 cents per cup of Buzzbox Coffee and drinking on average 2lbs of coffee per month.